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Sisters at Heart

Welcome Breast Cancer Survivor Dragon Boat Teams!
Sisters at Heart Celebration Saturday August 6, 2016

 For more information please contact us.

Come share some paddlingGoPinkTwoLadies fun with Dragonheart Vermont, a breast cancer survivor team in Burlington, Vermont. We paddle on beautiful Lake Champlain where the mountain views are breathtaking and the sunsets are picture perfect. We love dragon boating and know that you do, too. Please join us for our Sisters at Heart Celebration on Saturday, August 6, 2016.

Dragonheart has planned a memorable weekend for you and your team. It’s a special day of workshops, racing, food, camaraderie, and fun just for breast cancer survivor (BCS) teams like yours. Our focus is on celebrating our sisterhood. It’s all about paddling together and laughing together. After the morning workshops we'll serve up a delicious picnic lunch and some great entertainment  We'll have 500-meter races on Saturday and 200-meter races on Sunday. There will be medals and trophies (and ERDBA points, for qualified teams) for first and second place teams in both events.

The BEAT is ON! : Stuart Paton, the accomplished Taiko master of the Burlington Taiko Group, will lead us through an invigorating drumming workshop that is sure to get your heart pumping. The rhythm of the drum is similar to the rhythm of our paddling. Ready! Set! Drum!


Sisters at Heart Celebration highlights:

  • Improve your paddling skills with a Paddling Workshop with our coaching staff. A 500-meter race will follow your workshop.
  • Feel the rhythms with The BEAT is ON Workshop with Stuart Paton, Taiko master of the Burlington Taiko Group.
  • Delight in a delicious picnic in the park lunch with your Sisters at Heart.
  • Sing out your team song or cheer to show your spirit.
  • Turn up your team paddling skills to vie for the Sisters at Heart 500-m Champ Cup.
  • Treat yourself at our Ben & Jerry’s ice cream social.

Saturday’s festivities are just the start! On Sunday, August 7, all of our Sisters at Heart teams will be honored guests at the Lake Champlain Dragon Boat Festival, joining 64 community teams for a full day of racing, entertainment and fun. Breast Cancer teams will compete in a BCS division and race for the Sisters at Heart 200-m Champ Cup.

Each team will paddle in two 500-meter races on Saturday and two 200-meter races on Sunday.  All paddlers will receive a Festival T-shirt, hat, and medal! The cost is just $1785 US per team (up to 20 paddlers plus 1 drummer) for the entire weekend! Additional participants can be added for $85 US per person. Friends can join us for lunch and ice cream on Saturday for $20 US per person. The entry fee is non-refundable should the crew decide to withdraw from the race or should the race be canceled for reasons beyond the Event Organizer's control.

To qualify for trophies and race medals, as well as ERDBA points, your team must be breast cancer survivors from stem to stern.  If your crew is comprised of BCS paddlers plus non-BCS supporters, your crew is still welcome to participate.  However, should our twelve crew BCS field max out, full BCS crews will be accorded preference.

Registration for Sisters at Heart 2016

1. Before you start your registration please be sure to read the Sisters at Heart Festival FAQs.

2. Space is limited this year to just 12 BCS teams, so act quickly to secure your team slot. For your registration fee you get a paddling workshop, a drumming workshop, picnic lunch, ice cream social, a Festival shirt, hat and medal, and the chance to vie for BCS racing medals trophies! You can ensure that your team is participating by registering and paying as soon as registration opens on April 18, 2016. 

3.  The registration fee is $1785 per boat for up to 20 paddlers and 1 drummer, and is payable in one lump sum when registering. This registration fee includes both Saturday's Sisters at Heart Celebration and Sunday's Lake Champlain Dragon Boat Festival. The 20 paddlers may be made up of a combination of paddlers and alternates.  Each boat must have a minimum of 16 paddlers and 1 drummer.

4.  The cost for additional paddlers beyond the first 20 is $85 US per person for the weekend.  The fee for a member who is unable to paddle but wishes to participate in the activities on Saturday and Sunday is $85 US per person for the weekend.  The fee for a family member or friend wishing to join us for Saturday's picnic lunch and ice cream social is $20 US per person.  The cost for a steersperson taking part in the Sisters at Heart Day and Lake Champlain Festival is $85 US per person. Please include all participants on your roster and submit payment for the team fee of $1785 plus all additional payments. All fees are non-refundable.

5.  We will provide you with a steersperson/coach for Saturday's workshop and races. If there is room in your boat your steersperson/coach may paddle on Saturday. If your steersperson wants to steer for Saturday’s two 500-meter races, please let us know as we need to be assured that your steersperson has the requisite experience to handle the conditions on Lake Champlain.

6.  We also provide a steersperson/coach for Sunday's races. If you want your steersperson to steer on Sunday at the Lake Champlain Dragon Boat Festival, he or she must get pre-approval by Dragonheart staff on Saturday. Lake Champlain can be a challenge at times, as many steerspeople have learned. We just want to make sure that everyone is safe.

Please contact us with any questions.

If you are coming from out of town, please see About Burlington and the Sisters at Heart FAQ's for information regarding Burlington, restaurants, and lodging. We highly recommend that you stay at the Sheraton Burlington.

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