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Practice Weekend

Practice Weekend: July 16 and 17, 2016

The schedule below represents the choices made for a practice time for each team.  Captains and Team Members please make every effort to make your practice time as there is no practice make up scheduled.  If there are empty slots the Captain can change the team's practice time by logging in to your team area and choosing a different time.

Keep an eye on the Festival's Facebook page -- if the weather is borderline, we'll be posting updates there.

Practice Weekend FAQs

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Donation Drop Off

Practice Weekend Schedule

Saturday, July 18 201508:30 AM6Stars and Stripes
Dealer.com Love Boat
Dragon Skinners
Vermont Systems Blazing Paddles
Saturday, July 18 201510:15 AM6Captivators
We're Sexy and We Row It
Artemis Fitness
Dore's Ark Attacks!
Rhythm and Blues
Rhythm and Blues Two
Saturday, July 18 201512:00 PM6Snap Dragons
GMP Electric Dragons
Saturday, July 18 201501:45 PM6
Saturday, July 18 201503:30 PM6A Boat Load of Crazy
Merchants Bank Hakuna Ma Ta Ta's
VTC Knightriders
Work 'ARD, Play 'ARD
Evolution Lake Lizards
Sunday, July 19 201508:30 AM6Rays of Hope
Windows & Oars by Brownell
Synergy Psychos
Beijing Beauties
Hilton Garden Inn & Friends
Sunday, July 19 201510:15 AM6Paddle This!
Woodchuck Pink Paddlers
S&S enQuestadors
Baystate Support Oars
National Life Group Life Savers
Cirrhosis of the River
Sunday, July 19 201512:00 PM6Burlington Hyundai Subaru
Peoples United Bank Know How Rowers
Seventh Generation
Sheraton Swashbucklers
Porter Paddlers
Sunday, July 19 201501:45 PM6Making Waves
IBEW Solar Dragons
Saint Michael's College Dragon Slayers
Rowers North
Burlington Labs Thing One
Burlington Labs Thing Two
Sunday, July 19 201503:30 PM6Butterfly Effect
Norwich Cadets
Puff Ta-Kum-Ta Dragon
PC Paddlers
The Fanny Pack