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Donations to Date

Your generous donations go a long way to support local cancer survivors; 100% of the money stays in Vermont to support cancer survivors in our area. Donations benefit Dragonheart Vermont and our Survivorship NOW wellness programs that strengthen and empower cancer survivors.   We appreciate your donation of $10, $20, $50, $100 or whatever you can give; every dollar is important.  This year’s festival goal is $200,000.

Help Us Reach Our $200,000 Goal

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Total Raised:



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Donation Rankings

6 National Life Group Life Savers$2,842.10
7 GMP Electric Dragons$2,828.88
8 Seventh Generation$2,743.85
9 Paddling for Groovy UV$2,505.00
10 Norwich Cadets$2,455.00
11 Dealer.com Love Boat$2,407.51
12 Merchants Bank Hakuna Ma Ta Ta's$2,233.00
13 Captivators$2,097.00
14 Vermont Systems Blazing Paddles$2,070.00
15 Rays of Hope$2,040.01
16 Peoples United Bank Know How Rowers$1,872.93
17 Burlington Hyundai Subaru$1,673.00
18 S&S enQuestadors$1,672.00
19 PC Paddlers$1,648.00
20 Artemis Fitness$1,430.00
21 Puff Ta-Kum-Ta Dragon$1,425.00
22 Rowers North$1,400.00
23 Burlington Labs Thing One$1,325.25
24 Synergy Psychos$1,206.00
25 VTC Knightriders$1,090.00
26 The Fanny Pack$1,088.00
27 Saint Michael's College Dragon Slayers$1,085.00
28 Making Waves$1,025.00
29 Paddle This!$960.00
30 Dore's Ark Attacks!$960.00
31 Beijing Beauties$895.00
32 Windows & Oars by Brownell$785.00
33 Aurora$725.00
34 Hilton Garden Inn & Friends$715.00
35 Snap Dragons$635.00
36 Stars and Stripes$613.00
37 We're Sexy and We Row It$595.65
38 Cirrhosis of the River$580.00
39 Rhythm and Blues$500.00
40 Dragon Skinners$479.00
41 Citizenship$460.00
42 Monty Crue$335.00
43 Evolution Lake Lizards$300.00
44 Burlington Labs Thing Two$300.00
45 Team UTAS$255.00
46 Butterfly Effect$150.00
47 Sheraton Swashbucklers$115.00
48 A Boat Load of Crazy$50.00
49 Rhythm and Blues Two$45.00

You can donate online through our secure server, or download a form and send your donation by mail. Dragonheart Vermont is a 501(c)3 organization, so your donation is tax deductible. We thank all of our generous paddlers, friends and supporters who embrace our missions and give so much of their time and money. THANK YOU ALL!

Over the past years we have given nearly $750,000 to our pledge partners.

Click here for a video about Survivorship NOW.

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